Warranty terms

Dear customer, we thank you for choosing and trusting us.

Our goal is to serve you and we strive to be worthy of this confidence in a 12/24-month product warranty, according to the following conditions:

*   Warranty terms and conditions:*

– The warranty includes workmanship faults.

– The warranty does not include defects and errors caused by misuse.

– The warranty does not include accessories.

– The required period for the maintenance of the device is determined by the concerned technician, and we have the right to open the device and check it by the warranty terms.

– The guarantee covers the upkeep fees in case of malfunctions caused by misuse.

– The purchase of the device confirms the customer’s examination of his device and his approval of the conditions stated in the invoice and in the warranty. We do not bear any responsibility towards the customer’s failure to read all the terms and conditions.

*Limitations of warranty coverage*

This warranty does not cover the product if:

– The device is exposed to liquids such as water or effects of moisture and oxidation.

– Opening the device outside the maintenance center or effects of combustion (heat) on one of the device components.

– Malfunctions due to the excessive consumption of the product.