Display, Advertising, and Publishing Policy:


Welcome, My Mobile provides you a used electronics market through which you can communicate, buy, and display all mobile phones and accessories you need.


 Advertising Terms and Conditions:


All the ads must be suitable for the general public.

– All the ads must accurately reflects the intended content.

– You can only promote products that you own or that you are authorized to resell or distribute.

– It is allowed to display electronic products in the field of phones / computers.

– In the event that your advertisement is inconsistent with the publishing / advertising policy, the amount of the advertisement will not be refunded and the advertisement will be removed. So, the conditions must be reviewed and read carefully before publishing or advertising. Also note that My Mobile has the right to amend and change the conditions if necessary.  Please check them and revise them periodically.

– My Mobile website charge an amount of 21 dirhams for an ad.

– The period for showing your advertisement is two months from the date of publishing, and it will be deleted automatically after two months.

– The company holds NO responsibility for the published product after completing the purchase;  For example, but not limited to: failure to deliver, non-payment by the buyer, or damage to a specific item before it reaches the buyer..etc.


 Posting or displaying the following contents in the ad is prohibited:


– Content that may undermine or criticize traditional Arab culture, politics, or leaders.

– Content displaying abnormal family relationships.

– Content that may encourage political turmoil or disrupt public order.

– Content related to political or armed conflict.

– Atheism, pagan and polytheistic content.

– If it contains contact details, such as e-mail, internet / website addresses or phone numbers.

– Content that encourages vandalism, anti-social behavior or the distortion of public or private property.

– Content that glorifies or promotes the use of illegal drugs within the United Arab Emirates.

– Culturally inappropriate content.

– Any alcohol-promoting content

– The content that promotes hatred based on ethnic, cultural, religious, sectarian or political grounds.

– Any content that encourages verbal or physical abuse of anyone, especially minors, and their involvement in illegal activities.

– Any language that pushes customers to take action like “last chance”, “don’t leave it too late”, “don’t miss”, or emotionally charged language.

– Defame a brand and make use of it to promote your product.

– Any special slogan whether it is to promote a religion, personal, or political opinions.

– Pictures and video clips of weapons of any kind, including unreal / fake weapons or scandalous and outrageous images of public modesty, or if they contain naked parts of the body, or a hint to sexual activity, or suggest undressing.


 Advertising Claims and Evidence:


– The claims in your ads must be true and accurate.  – You must have an evidence to support your advertising claims.  If you made a claim in your ad, that claim should not be different than the product in the details page.


 Post photos and videos of products:


All images and videos must comply with our advertising and publishing policies.

All photos and videos must be real and relevant to the displayed product.